Almost one in FOUR people think a job interview is less stressful than selling their motor

What’s the most stressful thing you can do? Move house? Organise a wedding? Maybe do your taxes or take an exam? 

Well, it’s true that these can induce anxiety, but there’s one thing that trumps the lot – and that’s selling a car.

Because an exclusive survey for Cazoo has found that nearly seven out of ten of us find the whole business of getting rid of a motor stressful.

Those most likely to find selling a car a pain live in Belfast, Leicester and Bristol where at least 78 per cent of respondents admitted to disliking it.

So much so, a quarter would prefer to have a job interview instead! What’s more, a third would be happier organising a family holiday while over 15 per cent would rather do their accounts!

Maybe they should move down to Plymouth or up to Edinburgh where well over four in ten say they find selling a breeze.

Always a walk in the park?

There are a host of reasons why so many Brits find moving on their motor a hassle.

And it seems one of our major gripes is that the process can cause arguments, with around one in ten finding themselves rowing with a partner at some point (particularly in Liverpool, it seems).

Doing the paperwork afterwards is also a bit of a problem for around the same number, except in Leicester where  just 2.7 per cent of residents seem to mind.

Timewasters – the so-called ‘tyre kickers’ who come round with no intention of buying your car – are also frustrating according to 28.5 per cent of respondents who sold their car privately.

And when someone does make an offer, it can be insultingly low, say four in ten. Once again, Belfast suffers the most with a massive 53.7 per cent of people complaining about this.

However, some have far worse to put up with because four per cent of our 2,000 respondents had seen their car damaged during a test drive – that’s a massive 80 CARS!

A fair few silver linings…

But it’s not all doom and gloom – it seems selling your motor can be a great way to add some romance to your life.

So much so, one in ten of those surveyed knew someone who’d met a new love interest while doing so! And that rose to a massive 22 per cent of Londoners – so maybe singletons should move to the capital!

One respondent met their partner while selling a car 13 years ago and they now have a little three-year-old. Another’s friend sold his MG to the woman who’d later become his wife.

One woman admits going to a dealership right next to Liverpool Football Club’s training academy so she could see all the players turning up for training!

Selling your car can lead to some funny coincidences too. Many have realised they’re actually in talks to sell to a friend only when the potential buyer turns up to view the vehicle – with one pal even managing to write off his new buy just two days later!

Others have had a car break down or run out of petrol just yards from the dealership they’re selling it to while others have had a car fail to start when the buyer came to pick it up.

A change in attitude! 

Only a decade ago, selling online was a brave new world but now, selling cars entirely online is a great way to avoid a lot of the hassle and inconvenience usually associated with it.

When asked whether they think they’d be more likely to buy or sell a car online than they would have been five or ten years ago, a majority of respondents replied with a resounding ‘yes’.

Lorraine Fisher – Mail Online