Research driven sourcing of candidates.

Research driven sourcing of candidates carried out by our in-house team with initial conversations aimed at determining interest, suitability, affordability & availability.

Key features of this approach are:

Full briefing session between consultant and client. This will involve agreeing job and experience criteria, compilation of search target list and assessment of the remuneration level necessary to attract suitable candidates. Whilst not everyone is motivated to move by money, the search in its own right will act as a diagnostic of “market rate” for particular positions.

The consultant will then arrange a face to face discussion (usually via video link) with selected candidates to gain a fuller understanding of their match with experience criteria, plus a critical yet somewhat subjective assessment of culture fit. We may suggest the client interview a benchmark candidate at this stage to gauge our interpretation of selection criteria

Presentation of a shortlist of suitable candidates in the format of original CV plus consultants report under the headings style/character, career, personal details, overview. If required we will attend shortlist interviews with the client providing a level of input as may be determined by them.

After the shortlist we tactfully handle the rejection of unsuccessful candidates and then work closely with the client and potential appointee towards achieving a mutually agreeable conclusion to the assignment. The key objective at this stage is to ensure the first selected candidate accepts an offer and sees us act as intermediary on such matters as counter offers, length of notice and various contractual details.

In the months following the appointment we will maintain a dialogue with both client and candidate to determine whether intended objectives are being met in terms of performance and expectation respectively.

Reference checking is an important part of the recruitment process and the level of our involvement can be determined by the client. As a matter of course we will always seek to obtain a reference from an unemployed candidate's last employer before including them on a shortlist.

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